Monday, April 7, 2008

SKYE's Latest Promotion & Opening Hours

People of the world, listen up!

SKYE Music Centre is now open at 2.00pm onwards from Tue - Fri.

The rest of the opening hours still remains the same, i.e. 2.00pm onwards for Sat and Sun.

Also, SKYE is offering its latest promotion, especially for bands who've never played here before, and that is a coupon voucher worth RM10 for half-an-hour jam session.

If you want to get hold of these coupons, please drop by SKYE Music Centre at any of the opening times and ask for assistance from any of the staff on duty there. Alternatively, you can call the numbers on this blog's header for more info.

I'll now leave you to enjoy one very prolific rendition of My Chemical Romance's I Don't Love You from a Youtubber. Enjoy and rock on!

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