Saturday, February 9, 2008

Great bands at the Jam Room

It's been a rather busy 2 days at Skye's jam room. Yesterday Friday 8th February, we had clients coming in since 6pm until almost midnight, with only an hour break from 9pm to 10pm. Our regular clients, Kevin and friends from nearby came to jam for half and hour, as well as Dominic and his friends who played for an hour. Another band who came for the second time to the studio, Chakwau Cyndrome, also took an hour's session. I managed to chat with the band's lead vocalist and leader who informed me that most bands who had jammed at Skye were very happy with the studio's equipments and room size. However he added the studio should provide a 4-string bass coz some players are not accustomed to the 5-string Ibanez we have. Also, a crispier crash cymbal set-up would complement the PDP 7-piece drum set better. Today's business is very much kicking as well; we had our first client for the day at 4.30pm and as I was leaving the studio at 10pm tonight, bands were still waiting their turn to jam.

That's definitely great feedback from the bands who've visited us. We thank all of you for your continued support of Skye's jam room and we hope to provide even better equipments and services to you in the near future. Once again, thanks a million to our clients Chakwau Cyndrome, Kevin, Dominic, Reynold, Danny, Acie, Fred, Justine, Tearju, NYMSKL, Cydric and the rest of the people and bands I've not mentioned here.

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Anonymous said...

ure studio is in the Eastern Times.. just read about it today.. Eventho i dont jam..but so far la..i think ur studio is great..

suroh alan polah coffee gik!

Ghostpipe said...

Hey thanx for the support, good to know we've got real friends in the music industry.

Datai jak ngirup kupi tapi self service laa..

Anonymous said...

ni ulih self service...later ppl say sik pandei malu..

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ive added ur blog link to my blogroll btw..all the best! oren ari ya masam..

Ghostpipe said...

Hey thx! I'll add urs to mine. Check out my other blogs too.

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