Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Special Promotion Rate for January 2008

The latest addition to the jamming scene in Kuching City, SKYE Music Centre offers probably the most spacious jamming room/studio in the metropolis to give true-blood musicians that extra creative atmosphere.

SKYE Music Centre is now offering, up until the end of January 2008, a special promotion rate of RM 30 per hour only to jam in their new studio. Check out the flyers that are (and will be distributed) around the City for these special rates discount coupons. If you can’t get hold of one, why don’t you just drop by the music centre and we’ll give you a coupon!

Refer to the flyers attached here for more information and directions to SKYE Music Centre.

Remember folks, seeing is believing. We only have ONE jamming room, and it’s got ample space to even fit three Hummers side by side.

For more information, please call +6 019 895 1326 or +6 016 889 6659.

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